Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Timing is everything

When it comes to event planning, timing is everything. Start out by deciding what kind of event you want.  Something simple can be put together very quickly, but elaborate weddings take time (or lots of money) to make them work out.

I grew up in the wedding industry; my parents were photographers  (and I late sold gowns, bridesmaids dresses, rented tuxedos and did custom stationary orders) and most weddings were booked at least a year in advance.  Why?  Because things take time.  If you order a wedding gown from a bridal shop (not a big bridal retailer) your dress will take weeks to be delivered (unless you pay a rush charge).  Invitations need about a week of turn around time and should be mailed out at least six weeks in advance.  Bridesmaid's dresses, six weeks.  Some officiants require premarital counselling which can take weeks.  Many vendors are booked a year or more in advance for peak season (which is traditionally late April through early September).

This shouldn't discourage you if you are absolutely certain your wedding needs to happen quickly (there are tons of reasons that couple need a short engagement), but remember that the stress increases exponentially the less time you have to put things together.  Sit down together, with your families and attendants (in necessary) and discuss when would be best.  Are you dead set on a particular date or season?  Are you working around other commitments? Is there a compromise available?  If you choose a date that is more than a year in the future, begin passing the word and/or send out save the date cards.  Once you have made this big decision, it's time to talk budget.  Take everything one step at a time and you'll be fine.

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