Monday, March 12, 2012

Series: Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Special

My parents spent fifteen years photographing weddings and it always amazed me when a couple added that little something that made their wedding unique, personal and very romantic.

This gown was created out of the silk from the groom's parachute, that saved his life in World War II. The dress later went on to be worn by the couple's daughter and daughter-in-law before being donated to the Smithsonian.

When I was selling wedding gowns, one of my favorite brides, incorporated a bit of her love story into the flower arrangements.  On the couple's first date, the groom, a very big, stern looking police officer, had brought hot pink tulips.  Two years later, she walked down the aisle carrying a nearly identical bouquet.

One of my parent's couples left their wedding reception at Lake Tahoe in her family's restored antique boat.  Another family (for whom my parents photographed all four weddings) used Dad's prized antique car. Another bride, a pre-school teacher, invited 20 something preschoolers to take part in her wedding as attendants.  The wedding was a bit chaotic, but the couple's love of children and incredible sense of humor shined through every photograph.

A dear friend of mine married her sweetheart five years to the day after their first date, on Winter Solstice. They incorporated Christmas trees, customs from both of their ethnic backgrounds, and stockings for the children who attended.  It's one of the most memorable weddings I've been to because it was one full of love (her dad's toast made everyone cry) and their sense of fun.

Whatever part of your love story you chose to incorporate, it will add to the uniqueness, the sweetness and the joy of your clebration.