Monday, August 22, 2011

Wedding Checklist: 6 to 8 months

6–8 months
  • Start your registry, if you are having one. Keep track of your registry numbers to give out.
  • Start deciding on ceremony music...what you are going to play for guests before the ceremony, what you will walk down the aisle to, what will play as the two of you walk out.
  • Start looking at hairstyles, keeping track of what draws you to different styles. Start researching stylists in your area.
  • Start looking for local bakers to make your cake.
  • Decide on a florist and send in the deposit, or make sure your plants are growing nicely.
  • Start deciding on dresses for your attendants. A more common occurrence these days in a colour is chosen, and the attendants choose their own dresses.
  • Book and get engagement photos taken if you want them.
  • Prep for out of town guests, booking slabs of rooms at hotels for them or a lot of campground space depending on how they are travelling. Don't book without getting numbers though, and if you book in a large enough amount you can also try to get a discount!
  • Finalize the attendant dresses. Make sure each one gets their dress tailored if that is of importance to you.
  • Book your cake.
  • Send out save the dates NOW if you haven't already.
  • Plan the Rehearsal Dinner.
  • Start thinking about wording for the invitations. Traditional, modern, witchy, or something else?
  • Finalize the menu with the caterer.
  • Order your invitations!
  • Start thinking about what kind of centrepieces you want. Again, this can be decided by the wheel of the year. Samhain? Something with pumpkins. Lughnasadh? Shocks of Wheat, perhaps.